No hang over, no stomach ache. Just pure satisfaction!

Bahalina is the most special kind of tuba or coconut wine for it is distilled for longer than 1 year or more, that’s why it is more preferred by red coconut winde drinkers rather than those that are distilled for few months.

Mostly bahalina are serve to a special guest or reserved for special occasions. Once bahalina is served you’ll surely feel treated like a royalty.

Paul owner of Paul’s Bahalina is one of the known top seller of pure bahalin tuba in Tacloban City, Leyte. For his products are pure and are all distilled for a year or longer than 1 year. He is also known for his honesty to his costumers.

If you wish to serve your special guest with a pure premium bahalina tuba and let them feel treated like a royalty, come contact us.

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Bahalina or coconut wine

As with most dry wines, it lacks sweetness due to most of its sugar being converted into alcohol. The red color comes from the ‘barok’ (tannin) added at the gathering. It is distilled for longer than a year or more.

Our Product is a premuim coconut wine or bahalina tuba. All are distillled for longer than a year or more for the satisfaction of our costumers.

We sell our products by galloons and by jugs.

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Contact Us

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If you are interested to buy or test our products come contact us. We will be happy to serve you and we guarantee your full satistaction. Inquiries too are welcome.

Paul Celito’s Bahalina Tuba

 Tacloban City, Leyte 6500

Contact # : +639012345678

Email : [email protected]

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